Special Diet

Special Diet

  • 6 inch (serves 8 -10) at $85
  • 8 inch (serves 15-20) at $125

We are a nut free facility. All our products are made in a Kitchen that does NOT handle nuts. We do not bake anything with tree nut or peanut ingredients such as butters, oils, flours, or extracts.

As is the case with any store, restaurant or food service, any ingredients we buy from our suppliers may have possibly been in contact with nut products either during transportation and storage.We cannot be held responsible for any ingredient contaminated at source, or any harm that may occur.

In our dedication to accommodate the unique dietary needs, we take every conceivable precaution to avoid cross contamination, but since some potential allergen products are used on the premises, the chance of it is always a possibility. Our products may contain traces of potential allergens including, but not limited to: Wheat, Gluten, Egg, Milk, Soy, Corn, and others.

By purchasing our products, you waive the right to hold Cake. responsible for any injury or reaction that may result from the consumption of these products.

Our gluten-free options are made with gluten-free ingredients, they may, however, contain traces of gluten as they are made in a kitchen handling wheat.

For specific allergen questions please feel free to call us.

We have gluten free cupcakes weekly @$5.

The special option cakes are $65. Minimum of 12 for special option cupcakes.