Wedding cakes are charged per slice with a minimum of $150.00.
$6.00 per slice for buttercream.
$7.00 per slice for fondant.
There will be an additional charge for advanced artwork cakes.
Delivery is charged $1.50 per round trip mile.
We ask for 50% of the balance to reserve the date. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding. We accept cash, check, and credit card.

*Any changes or cancellations must be requested no later than one week before the event.*


cupcake tree

Wedding cupcakes are charged per cupcake, ranging from $3.00 to $7.50, depending on icing, amount of flowers, and artwork. We charge $50.00 for set-up. Delivery is charged $1.50 per round trip mile. Stand rentals are available upon request with a $100.00 deposit. If returned within one week, we will refund $75.00. Every week after, we will deduct $10.00 from the deposit.


We offer groom’s cakes for the rehearsal dinner or wedding. Sports logos, a 3-D cake of his favorite pet, a replica of his fantasy car entirely made of cake: If you dream it, we can build it. Prices vary according to the amount of people, level of artwork, and/or sculpturing, with a minimum of $150.00. Delivery is charged per $1.50 per round trip mile.