About Us

For over a decade and a half, Michelle Ryan has worked as a cake

designer/decorator for one of the top specialty cake shops in the

Boston area. Her cake creations have been featured in two major motion pictures: The Pink Panther 2 and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. In August 2009, Michelle decided to expand her confectionery horizons and opened “Cake.” where she has continued to expand her skills as a decorator and cake artist.

Cake. is a custom cake shop, located in the center of Lexington,

Massachusetts that specializes in occasion cakes: wedding cakes,

birthday cakes, Bar Mitzvahs, showers, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

We also feature a line of cupcakes so that our customers can sample our specialty cake flavors on the spot!

Michelle Ryan was introduced to the world of baking at the age of eight by a beloved neighbor named Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis taught Michelle how to bake pastries, cookies, cakes, pies -- and even created a baking recipe book for her. As the years passed, Michelle, who was busy as a homemaker, baked delectable treats for her family. She dabbled in decorating, taught herself different techniques and styles, and created beautiful and delicious cakes in her kitchen. As her children grew, she decided to pursue a career in the cake industry, where she became an integral part of opening and helping to operate a colleague’s cake shop.

Cake is not just the name of our bakery – it’s what we love and what we do. To this day, the memory of Mr. Lewis lives on at Cake., where every cake we bake is plucked from Michelle’s baking recipe book.