Which Types Of Partnership Have No Agreement In Terms Of The Duration Of Partnership Mcq

22. A and B are partners in a partnership without an agreement. A spends more time on the business than B. A receives the following commission in addition to the company`s profit: (A) 6% of profit (B) 4% of profit (C) 5% of profit (D) None of the above 30 X, Y and Z are associated in a company. At the time of participation in the profits of the year, there was a dispute between the partners. The profit before interest on the partner`s capital was ₹6,000,000 and Z required a minimum profit of ₹5,00,000 because his financial situation was not good. However, there was no written agreement on this point. (A) Other partners shall provide Z with the minimum profit and share the loss equally. (B) The other partners pay Z the minimum profit and share the loss on the capital ratio. (C) Xand T will take ₹50,000 and Z ₹5,00,000 respectively. (D) ₹2,00,000 to each of the partners.

1. To create a partnership company, what should be the minimum number of partners? 3. In the company, the responsibilities of the partners are (a) unlimited (b) limited to the capital of the company (c) Limited (d) A and C The Partnerships Act 1890 Section 24 of the Companies Act defines the rights of the partners (in the absence of their own agreement). Which of the following is not included in Section 24? Note: The total amount the partner receives is salary + profit sharing 49. A, B and C are partners in a company without an agreement. They contributed 750,000, 730,000 and 720,000 in capital to the company. A was unable to work six months a year due to illness. At the end of the year, the company obtained a rate of 7,15,000. A`s share of the profit will be: (A) 77,500 (B) 73,750 (C) 75,000 (D) 72,500 4.

Which of the following statements is true? (A) a minor cannot be admitted as a partner (B) a minor can be admitted as a partner, only in the benefits of the partnership (C) a minor can be admitted as a partner, but his rights and responsibilities are the same as the adult partner (D) none of the above 37. Which of the following are recognized in a partnership`s statement of income credits? (A) Interest on capital (B) Salary to partners (C) Transfer to reserve (D) All of the above 2. The essential elements of a people`s office are found below, except: (CPT; June 2012) (A) At least two persons (B) There is an agreement between all partners (C) Equal share of profits and losses (D) The partnership agreement applies to certain companies. . . .