Trade And Economic Cooperation Agreement

Study and recommend trade promotion measures that can promote the expansion of imports and exports. CONVINCED that such cooperation should take place in an evolutionary and pragmatic manner and in a spirit of goodwill, while their respective policies are developing, transactions shall be carried out in freely convertible currencies for the purposes of this Agreement, to which both Parties must give their agreement. ATEC provides an enabled commitment to a wide range of trade and investment issues. As the United States and Brazil implement today`s protocol, they will continue to look for ways to increase trade in goods and services and encourage new investment. The objectives of this cooperation include: 1. Taking into account their mutual interest and long-term economic objectives, the Parties shall encourage economic cooperation in all areas they deem appropriate, with no area excluded from the outset and whose different levels of development must be taken into account. to take all appropriate measures to create conditions conducive to trade between them; In this field, the Community shall encourage high-level scientific research with Argentina by creating an appropriate scientific framework for cooperation between the Parties. B) Explore possible new horizons in order to expand cooperation between the two countries in the economic, commercial and technological fields. (C) develop detailed protocols of cooperation in all other areas to be agreed. The Joint Committee shall meet annually or at the request of one of the Parties and with the agreement of the other Party, in turn, in Beijing and Abu Dhabi, and its recommendations shall apply after ratification by the competent authorities of both countries. examine problems which may hinder the development of trade and economic cooperation between the two parties; 3. The Parties shall encourage, in an appropriate manner, the regular exchange of information on trade and economic cooperation. 1.

The Contracting Parties may, by mutual agreement, extend this Agreement in order to improve the level of cooperation and supplement it with agreements on certain sectors or activities. 3. The Joint Committee shall meet once a year in turn in Brussels and Beijing. Extraordinary meetings may be convened by mutual agreement at the request of a party. The chairmanship of the Joint Committee shall be requested in turn by each of the two parties. If both Parties deem it necessary, the Joint Committee may set up working groups to assist it in its work. Within the framework of this Agreement, each Party may submit proposals to extend the scope of its cooperation, taking into account the experience gained in the application of this Agreement and the progress made in the process of regional integration in which Argentina participates. .

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