Local Decision Making Agreement

“The territorial government is committed to restoring local decision-making in remote communities. Further information on MDLs, including the framework policy, instrument and proposals, as well as signed MDL agreements, will be progressively strengthened in ldm.nt.gov.au regional alliances, once capacity has been demonstrated. There are three phases of delegation; Advice, planning and implementation, and at every stage, have a higher level of decision-making. Through LDM, the NSW Government and regional Aboriginal governance bodies (Aboriginal Regional Alliances) enter into agreements that oblige the parties to jointly address agreed priorities, including timelines, responsibilities and levels of success. The return of decision-making to town camp residence will be the backbone needed to ensure that children are healthy, connected and well-trained and have all the possibilities in front of them. The Northern Territory Government has an ambitious reform agenda to change relations with Aboriginal territories to support self-determination. This strategy is based on local decision making (LDM), a 10-year community-based process in which the government has retracted decision-making with Aboriginal communities. LDM is a policy approved by Cabinet in August 2018, which provides for Aboriginal territories to determine their own future by moving from government services and programs to community control. LDM is currently undergoing a revision of the Directives. In November 2018, the Government of the Northern Territory and the Anindilyakwa Land Council signed the agreement defining the services provided by the Government of the region, which will be transferred over time to the Community and to short-, medium- and long-term priorities. The agreement provides for the development, for each priority, of detailed plans detailing how the government`s transition to Community control will be carried out. The Community Control Continuum leads the LDM engagement process by recognizing that different communities have different aspirations, in this context the level of control that members want for their community….