Sait Aupe Agreement

Are you looking for your collective agreement or the last minutes of the meeting? Browse the list of downloadable documents. Find out how the benefits and agreements differ across the group of employees. SAIT employees enjoy a number of benefits, including: We look forward to seeing you begin your journey with us. Choosing an employer is a great lifestyle choice. As a MEMBER of the SAIT family, you have access to learning opportunities for professional growth, health and wellness programs, services for you and your family, and a series of surprising benefits that should enrich your life. Our fun work environment, employee skills development program and community engagement are some of the reasons SAIT continues to shine as a leading employer in Alberta. Do you want to ask for a break or something? Browse a list of web forms specific to your local user. . Note: Documents displayed with an icon require you to log in with your AUPE member account to view them.