Wellness Advocate Agreement Form

If you are already in your Wellness Advocate unit, you can sign up for our mailing list to receive newsletters and get information on how to expand your WellBeing wellness program and WorkLife will hold annual meetings with other wellness advocates. This provides the opportunity to acquire new ideas for training employees on the well-being resources available to them, as well as new wellness initiatives that can be implemented within your own department from the perspective of other wellness advocates facing similar challenges. A wellness committee is a group of collaborators within a faculty or department who implement wellness initiatives in the workplace and also promote existing wellness programs and services on campus or in the community. It`s a great way to get out, play sports and be productive while they`re at work. Walking meetings can be more stimulating than a typical meeting room, as walking tends to keep people more awake than sitting down. In addition, changes in the landscape can foster creative ideas and the informal structure can foster equality for people, creating a more conducive atmosphere. Learn about the diversity of wellness initiatives on campus throughout the year, including health check-ups, active living programs, wellness lunches and learning sessions, wellness fairs and more. As a wellness advocate, the Homewood Health Employee and Family Assistance Program is an excellent resource for you. You can download articles on a wide range of health and wellness topics to share with colleagues and print and share monthly posters and quarterly newsletters.

Existing members of the wellness committee and wellness advocates can offer you resources by giving you insight and advice from past experiences in networking collaborators with resources and creating wellness initiatives. Recruit employees who are also interested in wellness to develop wellness initiatives, communicate with the department and encourage participation in wellness initiatives by making them more social events. If you are interested in setting up a wellness committee or becoming a wellness advocate, you will find in our toolkit the information you need to succeed: Contact WellBeing and WorkLife to help you create, implement and evaluate wellness initiatives in your department at 403.220.2918 or wellbeing@ucalgary.ca.