Transit Agreement Vancouver

The proposed three-day shutdown of SeaBus bus and service services will not continue as a result of an interim agreement between the union and TransLink Mountain Bus Company (CMBC), a subsidiary of TransLink. Under the three-year contract, bus drivers, SeaBus operators and maintenance workers retroactively receive two percent wage authorization for work from December 5, 2019 to April 1, 2020. “I want to congratulate both parties for working together and finding common ground to end this difficult chapter for our customers, our employees and the company. The agreement has yet to be ratified, which is expected to last several weeks. UPDATE: Metro Vancouver reacts to the end of the Unifor transit strike initially said the union was ready to negotiate before midnight Wednesday, but extended the deadline half an hour before the deal. Details of Wednesday`s deal have not yet been released. “It`s not perfect like any deal, but our members are very happy,” said Gavin McGarrigle, Unifor Regional Director. CMBC President Michael McDaniel said the agreement was ratified Wednesday by the company`s board of directors. Bus workers here receive an update of the details of the agreement from the picket captain, which has yet to be ratified. For now, they`ll all show up tomorrow morning in uniform at work – #BusStrike was avoided no other stage of union work. However, customers will also be able to see a disruption of services tomorrow, as the time for an agreement has been reached. Commuters should check transit alerts tomorrow to make sure their route is working as planned. The work operation began on 1 November with a uniform ban on transit carriers and a ban on overtime for maintenance workers.

On 15 November, union action intensified when bus companies refused overtime. Last week, Unifor threatened a three-day “full transit shutdown” starting Wednesday, November 27, if a “fair” agreement was not reached with CMBC. Passengers at the Vancouver intersection of Cambie and Broadway before dawn on Wednesday were unanimously relieved after waking up to learn that their commuters had not been plunged into chaos overnight. The crossroads is an important transit point in the city, with fast arterial traffic and buses in all directions. Unifor transit workers announce preliminary agreement with The Coast Mountain Bus Company, #transitstrike The union stated that the company was not prepared to consider a wage comparison with Toronto bus drivers and SkyTrain maintenance workers, a difference of about $3 per hour. The company said their offer of a 9.6 percent increase for bus drivers and a 12 percent increase for craftsmen already exceeded other public comparisons. It is not known how their positions on both sides have evolved to find common ground within this $150 million wage gap.