Status Of Forces Agreement Minusma

Tomorrow`s meeting is likely to cover efforts since the beginning of this year to intensify military operations in response to the spread of terrorist attacks in the Sahel region. At a summit of heads of state in Pau, France, on 13 January, France and the Group of Five for the Sahel (G5 Sahel), Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger reaffirmed their commitment to the fight against terrorism and created a new coalition for the Sahel, open to other partners. The coalition will combine security measures, efforts to restore authority and capacity building, as well as development initiatives. These include concentrating immediate military efforts in the three-border Liptako-Gourma region, with Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, under the joint command of the French regional counter-terrorism force, Operation Barkhane and the G5 Sahel unit, which has been deployed in Niamey in the meantime. Since then, France has announced that it will send an additional 600 troops to reinforce Operation Barkhane and increase its size to 5100. Czechia, Denmark, Estonia and Sweden also announced that they would bring special forces to the French task force Takuba, which is expected to be operational before the end of the year to train, advise, support and accompany local forces in the fight against terrorist groups in the Sahel. Council members can also stress that security initiatives must be complemented by programmes, including under MINUSMA, to address the structural causes of instability, such as underdevelopment and weak governance. 3. Within its means and capacity, the host state is assisting in the preparation, implementation and implementation of the EU period for Mali. The host state`s support and support for the mission is provided under the same conditions as support and support to the host state`s armed forces. In addition, in order to advance the implementation of the peace agreement, the Security Council decided to impose sanctions at the request of the Malian Government.

On September 5, 2017, a regime was introduced by Resolution 2374. Eight people are now under the control of sanctions. MINUSMA`s strategic priority, introduced in 2013, was first focused on northern Mali, a flat and ruthless desert and semi-desert area. Its mandate included protecting the civilian population, assisting in the implementation of a peace agreement between the government and certain northern separatist groups in 2015, assisting in the restoration of state authority, and the development of the security sector, which has been and remains largely absent in some areas. The mission is also responsible for monitoring human rights violations by armed groups and the series of security forces in the country, a weak role, sometimes because MINUSMA collaborates with many of these forces. At the request of the Malian president, France intervened militarily in January 2013 with Operation Serval to halt the advance of jihadist forces and allow the country to restore its territorial integrity.