Pebb Electronic Debit Service Agreement

You can continue your health, dental and life insurance insurance on a self-paid basis, provided you are on leave from a PEBB insurance position and the leave does not exceed 24 months, the maximum duration granted by the UW and most employment contracts. If you are called to active military service, there are special rules for continuing your benefits in long-term health, dental, life and disability insurance. To make sure you have coverage during your vacation, send benefits to the service letter that documents your military leave. If you have any questions, please contact the Integrated Service Centre. If you don`t pursue your life insurance on a self-paid basis, you may not automatically be reinstated when you return to work. Proof of insurability may be required before reintroduction. Long-term disability insurance (DT) is generally not in effect, while you can take unpaid leave. If your vacation is fully or partially covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), some of your coverage may not require you to pay for insurance coverage yourself. You choose the coverage you want to pursue by self-payment. Coverage is offered by the National Office of Public Workers (PEBB): if you have unpaid leave that is not recognized as a diploma, you cannot afford to continue LTD insurance yourself, but you can re-enter insurance coverage by requesting your leave without being paid within 10 days of your leave. If you allow your optional life insurance to expire (paid for by staff) and your LTD insurance expires in the event of an approved training leave, you will have to apply again for insurance coverage upon your return to prove to the insurance company a good health. If you receive a written notification that non-payment leave is covered by FMLA, you should email Benefits for information on the eligibility of FMLA benefits. If you have unpaid leave or are laid off from your job at UW, you can continue your health, dental and life insurance by paying the full monthly premium.

However, if you are on recognized training leave without pay, you can choose to continue your Long-Term Disability Insurance (LTD) on a self-paid basis. If your training leave is partially paid, deductions are deducted from your salary and you can choose to pay the difference yourself. Contact Benefits if you want to pay the difference yourself.