Franchise Agreement Marriott

B. Franchisor may attribute the cost of system changes to franchisees, and in this case, franchisee must participate on a fair basis and consistent with other participating system hotels or other hotels, as defined by Franchisor. To the extent that this change relates to an ongoing program or system, such as the reservation system, revenue management system or property system, or new electronic systems or other programs or systems, current payments related to these changes are made in accordance with Section 3. B. There is nothing in this agreement that prevents Franchisor from authorizing other operating or franchised or licensed crossing accommodations by franchisor or by its companies related to the use of various elements of the system, including the reservation system. Franchisor and its affiliates also have the right to enter into affiliation agreements with other accommodations to allow members of the Frequent Traveler Program (or members of similar home recognition programs) to receive bonuses for stays in these accommodations. 4. third; Preferred borrowers. If an electronic system is provided by a third-party provider, the deductibles will meet the conditions provided by those providers. Franchisees recognize and accept that these third parties have the right to impose these conditions directly on franchisees, and Franchisor disclaims any liability for the use of an electronic system by third parties by the franchisee.

Franchisor may also require the franchisee to directly execute licensing agreements or similar agreements with third parties in order to gain access to the electronic systems required by the Franchisor system. Franchisees are considered directly in the contract with a third-party supplier of Electronic Systems. From time to time, Franchisor may describe a third-party Electronic Systems provider as a “preferred supplier” based on the franchisor`s justified assessment that such an electronic system from a third-party provider is appropriate or desirable for the franchisor`s system. Franchisees recognize and accept that Franchisor does not explain or accept insurance or guarantees related to third-party electronic systems, including an electronic system provided by a preferred supplier. (a) to use franchises and/or licences for the use of the system and to grant them to others and to derive other benefits; and A. This agreement, including the annexes that are executed at or in connection with this agreement (including, but not limited to, the franchise agreement), contains the entire agreement between the parties that relates to the hotel at the time of this agreement. The franchise agreement is attached to this effect in Appendix B; The owner acknowledges that he has read and fully understands Appendix B of this directive.