Domain Name Use Agreement

(f) Other domain names: During the duration of the agreement, GSK may acquire and register any other domain name containing the “Zovirax” trademark or a similar or confusing trademark or similar name, but not using any such domain name in the territory without Biovail`s written consent. For the transfer of your domain names, ICANN`s services are subject to the ICANN Transmission Directive, including the Registration Management Dispute Settlement Directive, as well as the UDRP and URS in accordance with Section 17 of this Agreement, as these guidelines may be amended from time to time. To transfer your domain names, you must first log into your account to block or unlock your domain names and/or obtain the “AuthCode” PPE that is required to obtain domain services in an EPP (z.B. org) registry. You should also contact us to block or unlock your domain name services or to receive the PPE “AuthCode.” Only the registrant and the administrative contacts listed in the RDDS information can authorize or reject a transfer request. Domain name services should not be transferred within 60 days of initial registration within 60 days of the transfer, if there is a dispute over the identity of the nominated domain filer, if you are bankrupt or if you do not pay the fee in the event of default. We will follow procedures to win and lose registrars, as described in ICANN`s transmission guidelines. The processing of transmission requirements usually takes five (5) working days. A transfer is not processed if domain name registration services are expiring, in which case you may need to remit the transfer requirement after the domain name is collected. You may need to reapply for transmission if a communication error or other problem occurs at our end or in the recording.

YOU TAKE ALL THE RISKS FOR FAILURE OF A TRANSFER IF OR NOT THE TRANSFER PROCESS IS INITIATED CLOSE TO THE END OF A REGISTRATION TERM. On the other hand, a license of a domain name implies that the owner of the domain name (the licensee) gives another person (the licensee) the right to use the domain name. A licence is almost always revocable or terminated in certain circumstances. Some registrars do not allow domain name licenses. Before entering into a licensing agreement or starting to consider or negotiate a licensing agreement, you need to check whether the authority that manages the domain name extension authorizes licenses.