Capacity Framework Agreement

The drug management system provides access to a computerized system to improve the efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of prescribing drugs. This framework offers potential savings of 24%. Depending on your needs, we can arrange single access to certain framework contracts to meet a certain demand. Alternatively, we can offer you access to our comprehensive portfolio of framework contracts, so you can move from easy buying at the lowest price to buying based on overall operating costs. The “Measured Terms Contract and Minor Works” (Hard FM) framework includes work, including: reactive painting and decoration; Mechanical maintenance, electrical work and building maintenance. This framework offers potential savings of 5-10%. Please note that this tender covers three non-binding framework agreements for service contracts. The signing of service contracts with the selected consultant or individual advisor will be conditional on the contractual commitment of donors for the above services. The CPMI (Electric Vehicle Charging Points) framework includes the supply, supply, installation, management and maintenance of electrical vehicle charging infrastructure assets and services.

This framework offers a potential savings of 5%. The Waste Management and Reduction Services Framework provides a pathway in line with clinical health waste, waste and waste management (TWM) services. This framework offers a potential savings of 12% for clinical waste and 15% for household waste. The framework will replace the rules in force since the beginning of the fiscal year, in which the NHS enters into block contracts with independent operators throughout the country. Recent NHS England and NHS improvement guidelines for the agreements for the second half of the fiscal year stated that this would end in October and that local commissioning would be replaced by a national appeal framework. NHS England reserves the right to make any number of updates to the framework for the duration of the framework agreement. An update will verify the ability of existing suppliers to meet the requirements and include new entrants in the framework agreement. The Insourcing of Clinical Services Framework supports the use of insurcization throughout the NHS to ensure additional clinical capacity to meet the growing demand.

This short- to medium-term solution allows trusts to maintain capacity planning in-house and ensure that patients can be seen within the trust. This framework offers up to 20% savings compared to tariffs. The Equipment for the High Level Disinfection of Ultrasound Probes Framework aims to support trusts and cooperate with trusts to comply with best practices in the decontamination of ultrasonic probes. This framework offers potential savings of 2 to 5%. Patient Case Prevention Support Products Framework offers the opportunity to find solutions and products from vendors known for their innovation to prevent patient falls. This framework offers potential savings of 5-10%. The Modular Buildings Framework is the only national agreement of its kind. This framework covers location solutions for purchase, leasing and leasing. On average, the framework offers 5% savings directly compared to purchasing solutions. The Car Park Design, Build, Finance and Operate (CPMI) Framework offers a full range of services related to the design and construction of public sector parking spaces. This framework has a savings potential of 5%.

The Patient Charge Service System was designed to help people get out of the hospital and streamline the transition to prevent reintroduction to the hospital.