Aqua Credit Agreement

When you have completed your application, you have agreed to create a debit from the account to which we send the loan. It is strongly recommended that this levy be maintained. Assuming you have enough money in your bank account each month, the direct debit system will withdraw your payments in full and on time. This will avoid additional interest and the potential for delay. If you do not make payments for your loan, this could affect your creditworthiness and make it more difficult to obtain loans in the future. “I can`t polite him. Easy to get with a bad credit rating and customer service was excellent. App is also easy to use. Many people complain about the apr%, but if you make small purchases and pay each month the balance (basically, for which a credit builder card was designed), you do not receive a fee. I see some very annoying reviews that say that AQUA targets vulnerable people or encourages you to get a card.

If you can`t manage your credit, it`s not a company`s fault. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own transactions and you have to take some responsibility. Accusing an angry company is just a diversion. I`ve been in debt for a long time. It`s my fault I`ve been bad with money, no one else, people really need to control it. If you are on a credit builder card, then I would recommend this 100%. Launched with the $450 limit, increases after 3 months. Obviously, if your credit history is good, there are much better deals, but this product does what it is advertised to do, fine. As I said before, a loan will certainly have a negative impact on your creditworthiness. However, if you make your monthly repayments in full, this will be recorded in your credit file and your rating will continue to increase. Here too, the credit application is quite mysterious, as it is only available to some credit card customers. It is to be stored to say that the application will be very simple, much like their credit card application, with a given response in minutes.

If you have opened a second loan, each loan is subject to a separate credit contract. This means that each loan has a separate repayment plan, with potentially different interest rates, monthly repayment amounts and payment maturities. For every loan you have with us, you can rely on separate financial statements and you must make separate monthly payments. Representative example: 37.9% standard purchase rate p.a (variable). Based on a credit limit of $1,200, the Classic card is for customers who have had problems with their credit in the past and now want to work to improve it. Although they initially limit the credit limit to $1200, aqua can increase it after four months, as long as you make your payments on time and stay below your original credit limit. However, the APR representative of the Classic card is at the top of the Choose Wisely table, as they accept customers who may have one or two errors in their credit history, that`s what you`d expect to see. The Classic aqua card is for customers who want to repair or improve their credit by standing to the limit and paying on time.

This means that they accept customers who have fewer perfect loans until you have filed for bankruptcy in the past 18 months or have had a CCJ in the past year. Aqua does not seem to lend much and currently only lends to its credit card customers. If you look at the evaluation sites and forums, the Product of the Aqua Credit Card is encountered or missing by many people, as many people report unexpected fees and poor customer service. Take TrustPilot`s 7.9/10 rating with a massive pinch of salt – lenders can influence these results by requesting an evaluation as soon as you have been accepted (if you are satisfied with the service).